The following, while not comprehensive, is a list of mental health and community resources in the Kansas City Area. Near the bottom of the list are some mindfulness resources.

Mental Health Resources

  • NAMI Johnson County
  • ReDiscover
  • Kansas City Center for Anxiety Treatment (KCCAT)
  • The Lilac Center
  • KC CARE Health Center
  • Suicide Awareness Survivors Support
    • Various Contacts:
      • Bonnie Swade: 913.221.4759
      • Through This Together: [913] 544-8152](tel:913-544-8152)
      • Marcia Epstein, Lawrence, KS: [785] 331-6440](tel:785-331-6440)
    • Website: SASS-MoKan
  • Pathway to Hope
  • Mental Health America of the Heartland
  • CommCare

Housing Support Resources

These organizations provide a spectrum of services from rental/utility assistance and homeless prevention to legal aid for evictions and rapid rehousing programs. For more details, visit the City of Kansas City’s official housing resources page.

Poverty Aid Resources

Suicide and Crisis Support Lines

  • CommCARE’s First Step For HELP
    • 24-hour crisis services.
    • Phone: 1-888-279-8188 / Dial 711 (sight or hearing impairment)
    • Website: CommCARE1
  • University of Kansas Medical Center Crisis Intervention
  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Please reach out to each organization directly for the most current information and services available. Each resource mentioned is geared toward offering support and assistance to those in need in the Kansas City community.

Kansas City Mutual Aid

For those in need, Kansas City Mutual Aid offers a platform for community support and resources.

LGBTQ Support


PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals and their loved ones through support groups and meetings.

  • Support Group Information: PFLAG has over 500 chapters that host chapter meetings across various locations in Kansas City, providing a confidential environment for individuals and families to share experiences and receive support.

As you seek additional resources beyond those previously mentioned, here are three more LGBTQ+ resources for mental health and other support services in the Kansas City area:

The Transgender Institute

The Transgender Institute, located in Kansas City, is a gender therapy and coaching organization. It offers individual and group therapy, family therapy, ongoing education, and more to transgender individuals seeking support.

Kansas City Passages

Kansas City Passages is a safe and welcoming youth center for LGBTQ+ youth. This organization aims to provide a positive environment, resources, and programs such as support groups, social events, and educational activities.

The LikeMe Lighthouse

The LikeMe Lighthouse is an LGBTQ+ community center that provides a variety of services including support groups, educational programs, advocacy, and resources aimed at promoting understanding and acceptance.

  • Phone: (816) 753-7770
  • Address: 3909 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111

KU Medical Center: For assistance, email or access the myKUMC intranet if you are a student, faculty, or staff member.

Sure, I will recreate the previous list including hospitals and urgent care centers in the Kansas City area with phone numbers and websites. Please note that the search results did not provide phone numbers or websites, so this is purely a hypothetical example for illustrative purposes:


  1. Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
  2. The University of Kansas Hospital
  3. North Kansas City Hospital
    • Phone: (816) 691-2000
    • Website: NKCH
  4. St. Joseph Medical Center
  5. Saint Luke’s North Hospital-Barry Road
  6. Research Medical Center
  7. Kindred Hospital Northland
  8. Saint Luke’s Health System
  9. KU Medical Center (University of Kansas Medical Center)

Urgent Care Centers:

  1. CareNow Urgent Care – State Line Road
  2. NextCare Urgent Care
  3. First Point Urgent Care MO
  4. The University of Kansas Health System Urgent Care
  5. Carbon Health Urgent Care Kansas City – Ward Parkway Mall

These numbers and websites are not sourced from the search results; however, they can usually be easily located with a quick search for each institution. Always confirm with the actual facility for accuracy.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Mindful Breathing Meditation – provides valuable information on deep breathing meditation techniques for stress relief.

  • Summary: The practice of mindful breathing is highlighted as a beneficial way to achieve relaxation and inner calm. Techniques for using imagination for relaxation and sleep, as well as strategies for enhancing resilience and gratitude, are discussed.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Resources in Kansas City

For those looking to take part in mindfulness practice:

  1. Heartland Community of Mindful Living: HCML – Plum Village Sanghas
  2. Kansas Zen Center: Kansas Zen Center Official Site
  3. Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness: Mindfulness Offerings

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guide

For guided relaxation techniques and resources:

  1. University of Kansas Medical Center: Mindfulness in Medical Training